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Disassembles in seconds, allowing for easy storage and hassle free transportation.

High performance twin tip skis articulate independently and adapt to the terrain to deliver unparalleled control.

A light weight ROCKSHOX fork for optimum performance, control, and comfort.

Whether you want to enjoy a scenic day on the mountain or shred all day with your buddies, our bike is the perfect choice. We captured an intuitive bike-riding motion and paired it with skis designed to perform in all types of snow conditions.  Our bike is so versatile, riders of any age or skill level can enjoy it almost immediately. You get the benefit of feeling planted and secure without having to worry about catching an edge or being strapped to bulky equipment.

We designed and engineered our bike to be the best performing ski bike on the market

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Patent Pending


Skis: 75cm (Front) 90cm (Back); Full Wood Core, Tip Protectors, Full Steel Edges


Frame: High-Grade Welded Aluminum; Delta-Shaped for Maximum Durability

Fork: Sektor Silver Rock Shock TurnKey Lockout, External Rebound. (Interchangable) Travel 130/140/150mm

Handle Bar: The ProTAPER® 720 AM Dependable, All-Mountain Handlebar (Interchangable)

Head Set: Cane Creek Tapered ZS49|EC49/40 (Interchangeable)

Grips: Ergon Gp1 Features Lock-On Clamps

Stem: Answer ATC AME 31.8; 30mm

Safety Leash: Interchangeable 7mm Coil with Break-Away Technology



Our mission is to bring a new method of accessing and experiencing snow covered mountains to the world.


  • What kind of terrain can the Snobike handle?

    SNOGO can handle any marked terrain that regular skis or snowboards can handle. This includes groomers, tree runs, fresh powder, and even moguls. SNOGO can do it all.

  • Does the chairlift hook get in the way while riding?

    No, the chairlift hook was designed to counterbalance the weight of the bike when on the chairlift, while still allowing enough clearance for your knees when riding. However, we do recommend wearing knee guards for extra protection.

  • How do you stop?

    The mechanics of riding SNOGO are very similar to skiing. The quickest and easiest way to stop is by hockey stopping. This is easily done by quickly transferring your weight to one side and carving a hard edge. When all else fails, simply turn the bike uphill to slow down.

               Instructional videos coming soon!

  • What kind of boots are recommended while riding?

    For the most stability and protection, we recommend wearing snowboarding boots. It is important to wear a supportive boot with thick and durable rubber tread for ultimate safety. Additionally, as with any downhill sport, wearing a helmet is crucial!

  • What is the safety leash for?

    The leash is a resort requirement to keep the bike close to you in the event that you fall off the bike.

  • How do you get on and off the chairlift?

    The chairlift hook is measured according to all standardized lift heights so the seat will scoop the bike right up. SNOGO’s lift hook is engineered to be completely counterbalanced to prevent the bike from falling off the lift. Once seated, secure the bike by maintaining both hands on the handle bars at all times. Instructional video coming soon.

  • Can you sit on the chairlift hook?

    The chairlift hook is not designed to be sat on while riding. However, it can occasionally provide you with a place to rest if you are stuck in a long line or waiting for your buddies to strap their snowboards.

  • Do the resorts allow ski bikes?

    Most resorts allow ski bikes, but please check with your local mountain before travelling long distances. For information on specific resorts, HERE is a link to the American Ski Bike Association’s list of resorts that allow ski bikes across the country.


Contact Us: info@snogo.us

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